Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well it's been a while since I posted anything, so here's some work I've done since the summer started:

My friend Porter Doing what he always does...
Porter, again....
Just a squid character I thought up.
Some studies from Force, and 2 characters in a style I've been trying out. 
Here's some imaginary gestures with a brush pen.
Just a quick gesture of Porter
Another character style I tried out.
Another imaginary gesture.
Not from life sadly, just a small study.
A sketch in my new watercolor sb.
Just messing with watercolors again.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I need to get a better camera, or find out how to work my friend's better :)


Betsy Bauer said...

It's so cool to finally see some art on your blog! Keep up the hard work!

"Mittens" said...

nice bear :D

needs moar bear